Time Travel and Swayze in a Mullet…What More Could You Want in Episode #37???

Hello HYSTO friends, and happy new year! We are starting off the year with more testosterone that you can shake a stick at and more bad 80’s fair than you may be able to stand…

See? Can’t you smell the hair product?

As you can see from the photo above, Paul chose Road House from 1989. Did I like it? You can probably already guess what my reaction was. Actually I do love Sam Elliott, though not so much in the long hair. Oh well, as long as it’s not in a ponytail…


My choice this time is the Spanish film Timecrimes from 2007. It’s a film I think everyone should take a look at…

Hey, if that helps you see the screen better, more power to you…

We also talk about what we’ve been enjoying lately, Paul obsesses some more over The Room, and we announce our film choices for episode #39!

Won’t you join us?


Road House – 1989
Timecrimes – 2007



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