The Torture Continues in Episode #44!

Hello Hystophiles! Episode #44 is here and we are STILL bringing the pain down on each other. There’s no mystery or drama this time around: we both fully intended to inflict cinema torture on each other…and we succeeded!

First up is Paul’s maniacal movie, The Fan. Another baseball flick. Sigh.

It stars Robert DeNiro and Wesley Snipes, along with a whole slew of really good actors. How they all ended up in this turd of a movie is beyond me…

“You think it’s too late to just pull out of this turkey?”

After that we continue to suffer as I make Paul watch Troll 2.  If you think The Room is a bad movie you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Ok. I have to admit this cast is not quite as good looking as the cast of The Fan…

Of course we also talk about what we’ve been watching lately, and we announce our picks for the next time around in Episode #45…

Won’t you join us?


The Fan – 1996


Troll 2 – 1990


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