IT’S COMING! YOU’RE NEXT…to hear episode #67!

Oh dear god! HYSTO is back!

Hello HYSTO-philes! We’re so happy you’re back! And you’re just in time for our first Invasion Of The Body Snatchers episode! This time around I’m sharing one of the most famous sci-fi/horror films in history, and it’s the first of THREE VERSIONS of this story that I’m going to have Keith watch…

If the pod sees its shadow there will be an ETERNITY OF HELL!!!

We also discuss what’s been entertaining us lately (I am OBSESSED with true crime documentaries lately…) and we announce what Keith’s choice will be next time around. (Hint: it may be the truest Cinema Torture we’ve ever featured on the show…)

Won’t you join us?


Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – 1956

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