Episode #158 takes us to Sweden, where we “Let The Right One In”

Welcome back, HYSTO-philes! We are back with Episode #158, which takes us to Sweden for the 2008 film Let The Right One In

The Right One? Would that be me?

Our good friend Shawna West asked me recently it I had seen this movie, and it reminded me of HOW MUCH I LOVE it! So, naturally, we invited her to come talk about it on the show!

And it’s such a sweet movie…sort of…

We had so much fun making Keith watch this movie! We really thought he would love it as much as we did. Did he? Well, you know how to find out!

I promise you: this was NOT his reaction…

Of course you know we’re also going to talk about what’s been entertaining us lately, and Keith lets me know what movie I’m watching for the next episode! HINT: it’s a Stephen King adaptation! (Yeah, I know; that doesn’t narrow it down much…)

We really hope you join us for our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Let The Right One In – 2008

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