#165 Our 7th Annual Christmas Special! Santa Claus Conquers The Martians & Ugly Sweater Party!

Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings (a bit late), HYSTOphiles! Welcome to our 7th Annual Christmas Special! This year set Keith up with two films from to very different time periods, but they both celebrate the holiday in their own special way!

First up on the menu is the 1964 sci-fi Xmas fest Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

Is Santa using kung-fu here?

This movie features the first screen appearance of Pia Zadora, so of course we had to invite Shawna West to join us to discuss this Xmas Xlassic!

There’s Pia on the left. Can you feel her star power?

Our 2nd film is 2018’s Ugly Sweater Party!

So Christmas-sy!

Our good friend Kellie Arnold joins us for this holiday romp at a summer camp (don’t ask…).

Naturally we also talk about what’s been entertaining us lately, and Keith let’s me know what movie I’ll be watching for Episode #166!

We hope you don your gay apparel and join our movie party, ’cause we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Santa Claus Conquers The Martians – 1966
Ugly Sweater Party – 2018

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