HYSTO? #168 – TWO UNANNOUNCED FILMS! “Skinamarink” & “21”

It’s for you…

Heya HYSTOphiles! Well, we were supposed to discuss the film “Jack The Bear” on this episode, but we couldn’t find any place to watch it! So, Keith decided on the 2008 film “21,” starring a creature we have rechristened with the name Kevin “Puke” Spacey. (oh, you know why…).


Before that we discuss a film that we have both been obsessed with lately. It’s 2022’s indie horror film “Skinamarink.”

I could try to explain why this photo is so disturbing, but you just need to see the film…

Add to this our usual discussion of what’s been entertaining us latelly (LOVE you, Horrorweekly!), and I let Keith know what forgotten 70’s film he will be watching for next time (with a special guest!). We hope you join our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


21 – 2008


Skinamarink – 2022

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