Episode #34 is tearing us apart, Lisa!

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Oh, hi friends! We are back! Okay, we’re a little late, but we think it’ll be worth it to you, because this time we have plenty of Room

Get it? Plenty of “Room”??? Okay, I’m sorry…

Paul makes me watch a movie that was the inspiration for Friends. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as Friends, and I don’t really like Friends…

I’ll be there for you…but just for a little while…

My choice for Paul this time around is the modern classic The Room, written by, directed by, produced by, and starring the enigmatic acting powerhouse Tommy Wiseau…

Act, Tommy! Act! Act!

Paul wasn’t expecting this film to change his life, but it did. Be sure to listen in as he describes how he found his new religion.

Of course we also talk about what we’ve been watching and doing lately, and we announce our picks for episode #35, which will include Paul’s Paulpark Figures.

Won’t you join us?


The Room – 2003
Singles – 1992



Episode #33 features our guest knocking Paul for a loop…

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Paul’s face after watching all three movies this time around…

We’re back with episode #33, and our special guest Brad Bell wallops Paul on his first time at bat, but first…

I finally get Paul to watch Escape from New York, the 1981 John Carpenter film starring oh-so-hunky Kurt Russell…

Just one word: woof…

Paul’s choice for us is the Larry David-helmed flick from 1998, Sour Grapes. How bitter was this fruit? You’ll have to listen to find out…

I’ll give you a hint: these two didn’t have much of a movie career after this baby came out…

And, as our finale, our guest Brad Bell had us watch 2007’s Funny Games by director Michael Haneke. I had heard about this one for a while, but that fact that Brad pulled this on Paul on his first time here? Bingo…

Yeah. Paul felt the same way…

After we pick Paul up off the floor he and I announce which movies we’ve chosen for the next time around.

Won’t you join us?


Escape from New York – 1981
Sour Grapes – 1998
Funny Games – 2007







Our 2nd Annual “Very Special Halloween Special!” starts a new tradition…

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Happy Halloween!

Hello, friends! It’s time for our 2nd Annual “Very Special Halloween Special!” And it we’ve started a new tradition this time around, but first we cover Paul’s choice for the holiday, The Frighteners, starring Michael J. Fox…

“Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Mikey!”

Then I get Paul in the holiday spirit with Satan’s Little Helper, a charming tale of a boy and his friend, Satan…

Oh yeah, nothing creepy about this relationship…

Next, we start a new Halloween tradition with a look at the very first The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror

But first, a warning from Marge…

So gather with your favorite ghouls, raise your glasses of witches’ potion and make a toast to the most wonderful time of the year!

Won’t you join us?


The Frighteners – 1996
Satan’s Little Helper – 2004
The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #1 – 1990



In episode #31 Michael Myers comes home, and football beats racism!

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Hello friends! We’re back with episode #31 and, it being October, I am already hitting Paul with Halloween themed movies. My first choice for him? The one, the only, the original, Halloween (1978). I still can’t believe he’s never seen it…is he the only person in the world?

Why this movie didn’t win an Oscar for costume design is beyond me...

Paul made me watch ANOTHER football movie…this time it’s the Disney sports-fest Remember The Titans from 2000. Denzel Washington stars in this one, along with a BUNCH of actors that went onto big careers (Ryan Gosling, anyone?).

Disney been very good to us…

I also discuss seeing the new Blade Runner 2049 film, and we announce our choices for the next episode…our 2nd Annual Very Special Halloween Special!

Won’t you join us?


Halloween – 1978
Remember The Titans – 2000

Episode #30 is our DIRTY THIRTY…and we really torture the $%@& out of each other…

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Hello, friends! It’s our Dirty Thirty, and we are REALLY set on being dirty to each other…

We have such things to show you…

First up is Paul’s torture-session. I begged him to just stick needles in my eyes, but instead he insisted on making me watch Draft Day, featuring Kevin Costner in a role obviously meant for a much younger actor…

“My dad is only four years older than me…”

I then hit Paul square in the solar plexis with the fantasy musical Xanadu. A place where dreams come true, and a place where Greek muses wear legwarmers and speak with Australian accents…

“I may be smiling, but this pink light burns like %$&@…”

We also eat alcoholic gummie bears, Paul shares his Paul Park Figures, and we rank the last ten movies we’ve made each other watch.

Come get dirty with us, won’t you?



Draft Day – 2014
Xanadu – 1980


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Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law!

Hey everyone! We’re back, and we’re breaking all of our rules with #29! 

This time we decided to break out of usual format and do some cult TV, some cult ALMOST-TV, and a movie we’ve both seen already (we’ve broken that rule before, but whatever; it’s still rule-breakin’).

My pick this time around is the notorious Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video, the scandalous 1979 TV pilot by the incomparable Michael O’Donaghue.  This program was intended as a “week off” show for Saturday Night Live way back in it’s second season, but the network guys only watched about five minutes of this bizarro oddity and said no way are going to air this on network television…

Mr. Mike and one of his illustrious guest stars…

For my viewing pleasure Paul chose Crime Story, the 1980’s TV series by 80’s mainstay Michael Mann.  Starring Dennis Farina, this 60’s period piece is part film noir throwback, part social commentary, and part great 60’s playlist.


A screenshot of Dennis Farina relaxing…

Our third choice this time around comes courtesy of our special guest Christine Adams: the homage to 80’s materialism American Psycho, starring Christian Bale in his star-making turn as Patrick Bateman. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, this film blew my mind when it came out in 2000, and all three of were thrilled to break our rules to talk about this very polarizing film…

The 80’s were such a mellow time…

We had a blast recording this episode, as always, but it was a special treat to break out of our usual routine and discuss these three oh-so-different programs.  We also talk about what we’ve been watching lately (IT, anyone?) and we announce what we’ll be doing for episode #30…

Won’t you join us?


Crime Story – 1986-1988
American Psycho – 2000







Episode #28 – The Back To School Special!

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Paul and I decided that Episode #28 would be our salute to Back To School Season, and we each found a 90’s movie to fit the bill perfectly, in fact it’s one of our favorite double-features so far!

Paul chose the 1996 film The Substitute starring Tom Berenger, Ernie Hudson, and…Marc Anthony?!?!?!

Wait. That’s not Tom Berenger…

I picked the Robert Rodriguez helmed scifi/horror flick The Faculty from 1998 starring Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett…and Usher?!?!?!

Um, no: still not Tom Berenger…

We also talk about what we’ve been up to lately, what we’re watching, and what laws we plan to break next time around so we have to go to detention.

Nope. Not even close.

So please don’t miss the bus and be late to school!  If you don’t you’ll miss all the fun, and you’ll never know if I ever found the right movie to watch!

Won’t you join us?


Ah. There it is.
“The Substitute” – 1996
“The Faculty” – 1998

#27 has us camping it up…and living in a Ghost World…

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Hello, friends!  We’re back with Episode #27, and it’s full of camp fun and esoteric hipness!  This time around I REALLY GOT PAUL GOOD: I made him watch 1967’s Valley of the Dolls, and he may never, never forgive me.  You’ve really got to hear him to know how much pain I inflicted on him.  It was delicious.

She woke up like this…

Then we talk about Paul’s pick, 2001’s Ghost World, directed by the talented Terry Zwigoff, who also directed one of my favorite documentaries, Crumb.  The movie stars Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, and Steve Buscemi, and it could not be more different from Valley of the Dolls if it tried.

Paul’s expression when he realized he was only halfway through Valley of the Dolls…

Find out how this graphic novel turned into a film made me react, and also find out which movies we will be covering next time in Episode #28 (classic slasher horror and basketball and romance are involved, FYI).

Won’t you join us?




#26 is our One Year Anniversary episode!

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Episode #26 is here, and it marks our one year anniversary!  Yes, believe it or not, this insanity has been going on for an entire year! And still no bloodshed or emergency room visits!

“Thank you, Simon! Cheers to you as well!”

To celebrate this twelve-month miracle we are bringing you a classic HYSTO episode…with just a couple of extra, gorgeous little things…

Babes & Bullets! It ain’t a party without ’em…

Our first film is Paul’s choice, the POW camp film Stalag 17, a 1953 gem by acclaimed director Billy Wilder.  I had heard great things about this one, but somehow never saw it…until now!

“Stalag 17” star William Holden, 1953, at the height of his hotness (thank you, Paul).

My choice this time around was the 1987 scifi film The Hidden, starring Twin Peak‘s Kyle Maclachlan and Flashdance‘s Michael Nouri.

Michael Nouri in deep thought in The Hidden. (Sigh)

Later, we each divulge which films were our tip-top tortures and treasures, I give Paul a quiz about films we have covered, and (of course) we announce which films are up for discussion for episode #27.

We had a really, really good time recording this one.  Paul even brought some bubbly (sparkling water) and, since it is our anniversary, I gave Paul jewelry (a Ring Pop, to be exact…strawberry).  This is a party you won’t want to miss!

Won’t you join us?


The Hidden poster – 1987


Stalag 17 poster – 1957

Episode #25 is alive! Well, most of it is…

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12 Angry Men lobby card – 1957

We’re back with #25, friends!  We’ve got two very different movies to talk about this time around (isn’t that the HYSTO way?).

Our first victim is the 2004 hit Shaun of the Dead, starring the amazing Simon Pegg.  I mean it.  The man is amazing.

“You’re welcome, Simon.”

After that we switch gears IN A BIG WAY when we discuss 12 Angry Men starring acting legend Henry Fonda and a cast of heavy hitters.  How have I never seen this movie?  Well, now’s my chance.

Let’s play “What Part Did Paul Play In His High School Production”…

We also have Paul Park Figures this time around,what we’re enjoying right now, and we both share our five favorite movie watching moments.  We had so much fun making this one.

Won’t you join us?