Welcome to “Have You Seen This One?” The Podcast!

“Have You Seen This One?” is a podcast.  The show is hosted by me, Jay Bullington, and Paul Kastava, my friend and fellow human being.  Neither one of us have any credentials that in any way make us qualified to host a show about movies.  We are going to do it anyway.

Here are the simple criteria for this podcast:

One person has to have never seen “The Title In Question” before.  (“Heard of it” is okay)

Hosts/Guests will NOT discuss “The Title In Question” before the podcast, even if they end up watching the movie together (actually, we will probably end up fudging on that one…).  

“The Title In Question” must be available for viewing by the listening audience…even if it’s an old home video of a worn-out VHS version that someone has uploaded to YouTube.

Also: we reserve the right to completely ignore these criteria if we feel like it.  Nanny nanny boo boo.

We hope to announce our first episode soon, so stay tuned and, oh yeah: Have You Seen This One?


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