Episode #4 – our first Triple Feature AND our first Listener’s Pick…from Paul’s mom, Teri!

Our first Triple-Feature AND our first Listener’s Pick! Paul’s mom (our listener) chose “What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice?” from 1969. Paul picked the Humphrey Bogart/Joel McCrea vehicle “Dead End” from 1937, and I chose the giallo classic “Blood And Black Lace” from 1964.

Paul and I watched “Blood” separately as usual, but we got together before the show at Casa Ravingbull (our house) and we did a Double-Feature-Date: we watched “Aunt Alice” and “Dead End” back to back, then did the show immediately afterward. Great fun! AND Paul announces our request for you, dear listeners, to please contact us and vote on which Adam Sandler monstrosity Paul is going to make me watch: Happy Gilmore, or Billy Madison. (He thinks that’s bad? Wait’ll he sees what I intend to put him through).   Oh yeah: we also announce our movie choices for the next episode.

The Italian poster for ‘Blood and Black Lace”

Dead End lobby card
“Dead End” lobby card

Won’t you join us as we discuss these three films and decide if they are Treasure or Torture? Aw, c’mon! It won’t hurt…much…

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Time Stamps – :28 What’s New, 16:41 Trailer – What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice?, 18:38 Aunt Alice Comments pt. 1, 19:10 Voicemail, 20:13 Aunt Alice Comments pt. 2, 41:23 Trailer – Dead End, 43:02 Dead End Comments, 1:05:43 Trailer – Blood and Black Lace, 1:06:43 Blood and Black Lace Comments, 1:33:13 Contact Info, 1:33:42 Next Movie Choices, 1:36:29

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