Episode #16 just may feature the worst cinema torture yet…

Hello friends!  We usually record our show on the weekend and I post it by Sunday night, but we had some scheduling issues this time around, so we will be posting a few days later.

I really hope you all can join us, because I can honestly say that this may be my WORST CINEMA TORTURE EVER inflicted on Paul.  I’m talking about the Japanese horror classic Audition (1999 – Takashi Miike).  If you have even heard of this movie you know that Paul is in for an adventure he won’t forget…

“Hey everyone! Let’s play Audition! I’ll get the piano wire…”

My assignment from Paul was to watch the 1993 film The Sandlot directed by David M. Evans.  I watched this the film for the first time a couple days ago, and I have a (sand) lot to say about it.  (Rim shot!)

I can’t look at this picture without hearing the Bee Gees sing “Staying Alive”…

All this, PLUS we’ll be announcing our picks for the next episode.  I have a feeling Paul is going to come at me with guns a’blazing, so you won’t want to miss the fun!


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