#19 is half Pest, half Homicide, and ALL ABOUT our SPECIAL GUEST TERI KASTAVA! (Paul’s mom!)

Jean Arless (aka Joan Marshall) as Emily in “Homicide”

HYSTO? #19 has arrived, and now we can announce that our special guest is none other than Teri Kastava, who just happens to be Paul’s mom!

This time around my choice was Homicidal, the William Castle classic from 1961.  This just happens to be one of Teri’s favorites also, but the question is what does Paul think…

I just love vintage wig ads…don’t you?

After that we talk about Paul’s choice, 1997’s The Pest, starring John Lequizamo in a bunch of different disguises…

A bunch of different disguises but, sadly, not this one…

Anyway, Paul and I had a wonderful time talking about these very different films, I bring up Joan Crawford (NOT Joan Rivers) way too many times, Paul tells a story that is one for the books, and we announce what’s coming up next time in episode #20.

Join for this one, won’t you?  I bet you’ll enjoy listening to Teri as much as we enjoyed talking with her.

‘Til next time…


Title card for Homicidal – 1961  
Another tasteful moment from the 1997 film “The Pest.”

It’s Deathisode #18, and it’s deathinately deathalicious!

“Hit and run is no longer a crime…it’s the national sport!” Death Race 2000 – 1975

Hello HYSTO hounds!  It’s deathly important that you listen to the latest show: it’s DEATHISODE #18, and it’s DEATHTASTIC, BABY!  Paul and I each picked a movie for each other as usual, then we realized we both picked movies whose title begins with the word DEATH: Paul chose 1974’s Death Wish, and I picked 1975’s Death Race 2000!

Death Wish – 1974 starring Charles Bronson and his one epression…

Please join us for the fun as take a Death Trip to the 70’s!  We also talk about Joe Franklin, Don Rickles, the podcast S-Town (my current obsession), and of course we reveal our movie choices for episode #19 (and hint about a special guest!).

It’s the deathiest deathisode we ever deathed ever! Won’t you join us?  We’ll be deathly ill if you won’t!


HYSTO? #18 will deathinately be a deathisode to remember!

Hello HYSTO-philes! Paul and I are really excited about the next episode, in fact you could say that we’re excited TO DEATH!

“You’ll pay for that pun, punk…”

How deathly is this episode? For my assignment Paul has chosen 1974’s Death Wish starring the ever-so-emotional Charles Bronson.  My pick is also from the 70’s, 1975 to be exact: the “B” movie classic Death Race 2000, starring David Carridine and a pre-Rocky Sly Stallone.

“Yo, Adrian! Say hello to my little friend!”

So please join us next week for HYSTO? #18, when we DEATH-inately are going to give these two 70’sploitation flicks the respect (or the shade) they deserve!

See you then!


Death Wish – 1974
Death Race 2000 – 1975