It’s Deathisode #18, and it’s deathinately deathalicious!

“Hit and run is no longer a crime…it’s the national sport!” Death Race 2000 – 1975

Hello HYSTO hounds!  It’s deathly important that you listen to the latest show: it’s DEATHISODE #18, and it’s DEATHTASTIC, BABY!  Paul and I each picked a movie for each other as usual, then we realized we both picked movies whose title begins with the word DEATH: Paul chose 1974’s Death Wish, and I picked 1975’s Death Race 2000!

Death Wish – 1974 starring Charles Bronson and his one epression…

Please join us for the fun as take a Death Trip to the 70’s!  We also talk about Joe Franklin, Don Rickles, the podcast S-Town (my current obsession), and of course we reveal our movie choices for episode #19 (and hint about a special guest!).

It’s the deathiest deathisode we ever deathed ever! Won’t you join us?  We’ll be deathly ill if you won’t!


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