Episode #21 aka The “Wesisode!” A Wes Anderson Triple Feature!

“The Wesi-what?”

Hello friends!  We are very happy to announce that episode #21 is THE WESISODE!!!  This time around we are taking a look at three movies by the talented Texas-born director Wes Anderson.  My movie choice was “Moonrise Kingdom” and Paul’s pick was “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

“In this movie I play an explorer of the oceans of the world, but it is NOT based on Jacques Cousteau…”

We also picked “Rushmore,” and we both chose it for the simple reason that we both wanted to talk about it.

“My performance in Rushmore? You’re welcome.”

Of course when you talk about these movies you are also talking about Bill Murray, who stars in all three to varying degrees of success…according to one of us, anyway.

“Did someone mention my name?”

Also: we talk about what we’ve been enjoying lately entertainment-wise, Paul’s mom Teri sends a message, and we announce the movies we’ve picked for next time (hint: they’re both jazz music-related).

Won’t you join us?


Moonrise Kingdom – 2012


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – 2004


Rushmore – 1998


Episode #20 is here and it’s one greasy trip!

Episode #20!  

Grease is the word this time around: my choice for Paul is the 2016 film The Greasy Strangler, one of the most unique movies I’ve seen in my life…for better or worse.  Paul’s choice for me is Con Air, starring the always-so-subtle Nicolas Cage in one of his most Shakespearean roles ever.  

“Put the bunny back in the box.”  Poetry.  

Poe, but NOT Edgar Allen…

We also talk about what’s been keeping us entertained lately (I saw two fantastic movies from last year), and since it’s episode #20, we not only announce what our next movies will be (another themed episode!), but we also rate the movies from the last ten episodes, and Paul shares his Paul Park Figures.  Will be still be neck-and-neck score-wise? After this week I’m not so sure… 

It’s loads of greasy, convict-powered, mind-numbing fun, so what are you waiting for?  Join us, won’t you?


Con Air – 1997

The Greasy Strangler – 2016http://traffic.libsyn.com/haveyouseenthisone/HYSTO_020.mp3