Episode #23 with Special Guest Keith Karseno! Homies, Hooties, and Zombies!

The Big Doll House – 1971 – Dir. Jack Hill


Hello friends!  We are back with episode #23, and we are joined by our good friend Keith Karseno, who adds his two-cents to the comments on the films High School High, The Big Doll House, and Train To Busan.


Warning: there may be side effects from watching all three movies in a row…

The three of us had the best time ever talking about these very, very different movies and, as usual, we also stray off to many other unrelated topics that have nothing to do with the film in question.  What can we say?  It’s the HYSTO way!


How did this face not become THE leading man of filmdom?

It’s one of our longest and most fun episodes yet.  Won’t you join us?




Hold those jazz-hands high for #22, our “JAZZISODE!!!”

Jump for Jazz!

Hello, friends!  We’re back with Episode #22, our “Jazzisode!” This time around we take on two films that have definite jazz connections.  Paul is a HUGE jazz music fan, so you’ll for sure want to tune in to hear what his thoughts are on these two very different movies…

Paul choose 1988’s “Bird” directed by Clint Eastwood.  It’s hard to believe I had never seen this well-known biography…

Forest Whitaker as Charlie “Bird” Parker – 1988

I picked last year’s big hit “La La Land” directed by Damien Chazzelle, and joining us to discuss this modern-marvel of a movie is our friend Mr. Knives Monroe.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling in La La Land – 2016

We have a lot of fun discussing these two films, and along the way we talk about what we’re watching right now, Paul almost tells a story about midget hookers, and of course we divulge what movies we’ll be talking about next time (hint: they involve a women’s prison, zombies, and Jon Lovitz…).

Won’t you join us?