In episode #31 Michael Myers comes home, and football beats racism!

Hello friends! We’re back with episode #31 and, it being October, I am already hitting Paul with Halloween themed movies. My first choice for him? The one, the only, the original, Halloween (1978). I still can’t believe he’s never seen it…is he the only person in the world?

Why this movie didn’t win an Oscar for costume design is beyond me...

Paul made me watch ANOTHER football movie…this time it’s the Disney sports-fest Remember The Titans from 2000. Denzel Washington stars in this one, along with a BUNCH of actors that went onto big careers (Ryan Gosling, anyone?).

Disney been very good to us…

I also discuss seeing the new Blade Runner 2049 film, and we announce our choices for the next episode…our 2nd Annual Very Special Halloween Special!

Won’t you join us?


Halloween – 1978
Remember The Titans – 2000

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