Episode #35 is a little different from “The Others,” and Paul shares “A Bronx Tale”

Hello friends! We’re back with #35, and this time Paul shares a movie very dear to his heart, but first…

My choice this time around was actually recommended by two listeners. Leanne Wright (my sister) and former podcast special guest Jennnifer Hamrick both wanted us to cover¬†The Others, starring Nicole Kidman and a very, very, very strict mother that’s having issues with, well, everything…

Just another day in the family mansion…

…but before that we discuss the movie that Paul has been dying to share,¬†A Bronx Tale, written by Chazz Palminteri and directed by Robert De Niro…

Just wait ’til I tell the other kids that Robert De Niro is my dad!

After Paul’s heartfelt comments on this film we move on to Paul Park Figures (hint: I’m no longer the leader on all fronts), and we both announce what films we’ve picked for our Christmas episode.

Won’t you join us?


The Others – 2001
A Bronx Tale – 1993


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