Dreamland gets scary and Jamaica gets icy in Episode #41!!!

Time to relax with Episode #41…

Hello everyone! It’s HYSTO? Episode #41! We’ve managed to, yet again, find two extremely different movies to expose each other to. and we start off with my pick for Paul…

A Nightmare On Elm StreetĀ (1984) by Wes Craven. Even though Paul dressed up like Freddy for Halloween as a child, he’s actually never seen the movie!

Looking good, Paul!

Then Paul sends me to Jamaica to experience the Disney flickĀ Cool Runnings (1993). I completely remember when the Jamaican bobsled team was such a sensation at the Olympics, but I managed to never see this thing…until now.

That’s a lot of spandex. Are you sure they aren’t ice skaters?

This is the THIRD Disney sports-themed movie Paul has made me watch since we started. Did he torture me? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

We also discuss what’s been keeping us entertained (or not) lately, and we announce what films we’ve chosen for Episode #42.

Won’t you join us?


A Nightmare On Elm Street – 1984
Cool Runnings – 1984


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