#47 is full of dead cats (“Gummo”), but has run out of time! (“Zero Hour!”)

Hello, HYSTO-philes! New in town?

Greetings, and welcome to Episode #47, where Paul REALLY skeeves me out, probably worse than I have ever been by any of his choices. From 1997 it’s Gummo directed by Harmony Korine..After we get through discussing the MANY dead cats in this film we cover my choice for Paul, 1957’s  Zero Hour! directed by Hall Bartlett. This movie is famous for being the inspiration for the film Airplane!, but it’s so melodramatic and over the top that it’s actually funny on it’s own…

Oh no! They’re trying to board with a service elephant! Surely they can’t do that? Oh yes they can, and quit calling me Shirley…

Of course we also discuss what’s been keeping us entertained lately, and and we announce what movies we’ll be covering next time in Episode #48.

Won’t you join us?


Gummo – 1997
Zero Hour! – 1957


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