Keith’s first official pick for Episode #54 is a real treasure, and I ain’t “Lion!”

We interrupt this usually silly site with a movie that is bound to move anyone who has a beating heart. For Episode #54 Keith’s pick is the 2016 film¬†Lion.¬† Directed by Garth Davis, it’s the true story of a boy who got hopelessly lost when he was only five years old, yet managed to find his way home over twenty-five years later…

Young Saroo, before he lost his way…

There’s no mystery this time around as to whether I thought this was a treasure or a torture: this is a magnificent and moving film. Please, please watch this film, then join us as we gush all over it. I’m not kidding: this movie left me like puddle on the floor. I honestly can’t remember in any recent time a film that affected me so profoundly.

Watch it without tissues. Go on. I dare you…

As if we didn’t have reason enough to cry already, there is also a major technical recording glitch at the start of this episode, and it’s the worst to come our way since HYSTO began…but we soldiered on! Listen to our horrible audio as we discuss what is keeping us entertained lately, and later announce my BUXOM choice for next time around!

Won’t you join us?


Lion – 2016 – Directed by Garth Davis



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