Episode #95 – The pod people are back! It’s Body Snatchers!

Hello HYSTOphiles! We’re back, and it’s time for Keith to see the third version of the the 1955 novelĀ The Body Snatchers. It’s Abel Ferrara’s interpretation, 1993’sĀ Body Snatchers!

Hey you! Listen to this!

I’ve already made him watch the first two versions, to his delight, and now I get to find out what he thinks of the 90’s version.

Hey! I thought we told you to listen!

As always we also talk about what’s entertaining us lately, and Keith announces what movie we’ll cover during our next episode.

We really hope you join our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?

Body Snatchers – 1993

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