Episode #117 may be “Thinner” but it’s full of fun…and special guest Shawna West!

Hey, Hey, Hey, HYSTOphiles! We’re back with #117, and it’s a Stephen King Extravaganza!

Ah! Mr. King, I presume?

This whole thing started when our good friend Shawna West told us she went down a King Quarantine Hole with all things Stephen King, so we decided to jump in with her! Turns out I had never seen the 1996 film Thinnerdirected by Tom Holland…

Don’t be so upset! I’m watching! I’m watching!

We all decided it would be fun to each share our top five Stephen King film adaptations (no surprise – there are a few overlaps), and Shawna shares her own TOP 5 FILMS OF ALL TIME!!!

We hope you join us, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Thinner – 1996

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