Episode #125 is our first Cinema Torture Smackdown! Plan 9 From Outer Space vs. Saving Christmas!

Welcome to Episode #125, our first CINEMA TORTURE SMACKDOWN!!! Keith and I each picked a movie that we thought would be pure punishment for the other to watch. Who will decide which movie is worse? Well, this time around it’s none other than our good friend Shawna West!

First up for consideration is my choice, 1957’s Plan 9 From Outer Spacedirected by Edward D. Wood. the film stars movie hostess Vampira, wrestler Tor Johnson, “psychic” Criswell, and Bela Lugosi…

Well, “almost starring” Bela Lugosi…

Second up is Keith’s choice for me (and Shawna), 2014’s Saving Christmas, aka Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, starring, uh, Kirk Cameron…

That is NOT Kirk Cameron. Also: is this a killer Santa Claus movie?

Along with our movie battle, we announce my friend Scott McBee’s Top 5 Movies Of All Time! We also announce the titles of the movies some friends have labeled The Worst Movie Of All Time.

As far as which of these two movies Shawna chose as the worst torture, you’re going to have to listen in to find out! We really hope you join us for our movie battle, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Plan 9 From Outer Space – 1957
Saving Christmas – 2014

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