Episode #164 – House On Haunted Hill – 1959 & 1999!

Oh! You want to freshen up first? Here…

Welcome back, HYSTOphiles! You’re just in time to join us on a trip through time! We’re discussing the films House On Haunted Hill 1959 (starring Vincent Price) and House On Haunted Hill 1999!

Mr. Price looking obviously innocent…

And because we are comparing two movies we had to invite our friend Shawna West along for the fun!

Geoffrey Rush as a modern-day Price…

We also talk what’s been making us smile lately, and before we go we announce the movies we’ll be covering for our 7th Annual Christmas Special!

We hope you join us for our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You See This One? 


House On Haunted Hill – 1959
House On Haunted Hill - 1999
House On Haunted Hill – 1999

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