Episode #177 – ALLIGATOR! – 1980

Heya, HYSTOphiles! It’s summer, and for me that means watching movies inspired by JAWS! And, you know, if we’re evenĀ mentioningĀ that genre we HAVE to invite our good friend Erin Casteneda along for the ride!

And what a ride!

And the movie we covered is ALLIGATOR! The 1980 creature feature written by John Sayles, who also wrote the JAWS inspired film PIRANHA!

Such a ride!

Erin and Keith and I had so much fun talking about this 80’s blast! So much so that, I can’t even hide how we all feel about this movie: WE ALL LOVE IT!!!

Someone’s got the munchies!

And, of course, we also talk about what has been entertaining us lately (Keith jumps on the French Horror Wagon!). And, I tell Keith what’s in store for him the next time around. (Hint: it’s Basic, and it’s very Instinctive…)

We hope you join us for our newest movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?



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