#59 is “Made in 1950” part two, and it’s ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille!

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Hello HYSTO-philes! We are back with part two of “MADE IN 1950!” (I’m counting episode #46 as part one…sue me) Keith is back (YAY!) and he watched All About Eve along with the movie of choice for this episode so he could be up to speed. The movie we’re focusing on in this episode is the 1950 classic by Billy Wilder, Sunset Boulevard, starring Gloria Swanson, Eric von Stroheim, and (swoon) William Holden (be still my heart!).

The three stars of Sunset Boulevard, but I’m only looking at one…

I couldn’t wait for Keith to see these two movies because they are two of my all-time favorite movies of all time! You all will remember how Paul Kastava (former co-host and forever friend) FAMOUSLY didn’t like All About Eve (All About LEAVING the theater…sigh), but Keith really liked it…

Did you hear that, Paul? He liked it. He really liked it…

So, after a little discussion on All About Eve, we got to our movie of the moment, Sunset Boulevard, and Keith really let me know how he felt about the film…

“We had faces!” So freaking awesome, Miss Swanson…

We had a fantastic conversation about this film, and we also talked about what living in the year 1950 was like (the average household income in 1950 was $3,300. Think about that…


Of course we also talk about what’s entertaining us lately (OMG the new Suspiria remake!), and we announce what movie we’ll talk about in episode #60 “Made in 1950 part three”

So, we really want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Sunset Boulevard – 1950






#58 is sans Keith, but Kellie and Jeremiah are here to celebrate The Love Witch

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Hello HYSTO-philes! We’re back! Well, I’m back. Due to schedule issues Keith isn’t joining in this time around (don’t worry: he’ll be back next time). Joining me in his absence are good friend of the podcast Kellie Arnold and first time guest Jeremiah Wallace! I recorded the three of us as we discussed the film The Love Witch.

We recorded this session immediately after watching the film at The Alamo Drafthouse. Because the room I usually use for recording was occupied, we sat cross-legged on the bed for what Jeremiah dubbed “Pillow Talk.”

The Love Witch is the story of a young witch in California in the 70’s who uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her.

Quite bewitching, huh?

As I had hoped, Kellie and Jeremiah really enjoyed the movie, and we all had a lot to say about it…in bed!

I also talk about what’s been entertaining me lately, and of course I talk about our next episode. I really hope you’ll join in on the fun…

So…Have You Seen This One?


The Love Witch – 2016