#75 What About Bob? & Pink Flamingos aka Keith pops his John Waters cherry!

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Grab a snack and join Edie at the party…

Hello folks! We’re back with #75, and you read that headline correctly! This is the episode where Keith gets exposed to John Waters in the best way possible! But first…

First we discuss Keith’s choice, the Frank Oz directed film What About Bob?, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus.

…and they REALLY had a great time working together…heh heh heh…

After that we tear into John Waters’ seminal film, 1974’s Pink Flamingos. I can’t tell you the joy I experienced while imagining Keith seeing this one-of-a-kind film for the first time! He’ll never forget it, but did he like it? You know how to find out!

We don’t want to force you to watch, but…

We also talk about what we’ve been watching (POSE, honey!), and we announce the next episode, which will be a TRIPLE FEATURE!

Won’t you join us? ‘Cause we really do want to know…



What About Bob? – 1991
Pink Flamingos – 1972

In Episode #74 we’re on the Freeway to the Chopping Mall!

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Do The Robot!

It’s time for another Summer Double Feature, HYSTOphiles! We’ve got two fun flicks to share with you this time around! We had so much fun talking about these two celluloid romps…let’s start with Keith’s choice first, shall we?

It’s Freeway, the 1996 Reese Witherspoon vehicle. (Get it? Freeway? Vehicle?)

Okay, Reese. OKAY! It wasn’t that bad, geez…

After that we discuss my choice, 1986’s killer robot movie Chopping Mall, which features legendary character actor Dick Miller playing, once again, a man named Walter Paisley…

Walter Paisley gets a lesson on how to do The Robot…

Of course we also talk about what’s been entertaining us lately (OMG ROCKETMAN!) and we announce what movies we have in store for Episode #75. We hope you join us, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Freeway – 1996
Chopping Mall – 1986

#73 Celebrates 70’s Horror with a Summer Double Feature!

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“It’s here! Episode 73 is here!”

Hey, hey, hey HYSTOphiles! Episode #73 is here, and it’s full of 70’s fabulousness! We are discussing two great 70’s horror staples, and we have a guest along with us this time around who absolutely LOVES 70’s horror, the delightful Erin Casteneda!

First movie up is my choice, the 1978 remake Invasion of the Body Snatchers, directed by Philip Kaufman.

This movie stars some actors you may have heard of…

Erin and I both love this one, but listen in to hear how Keith feels about it, and how he compares it to the original 1956 version (which we covered back in Episode #67).

Next up is another classic piece of 70’s horror cinema: Audrey Rose. Released in 1977, and directed by Robert Wise. This was Erin’s pick, and it’s also her favorite movie of all time. It’s a tale of possible reincarnation, and it has quite a few unsettling scenes. Well, Erin and I think so, but it’s up to you to find out how Keith felt…

A very young Anthony Perkins and Susan Swift star in “Audrey Rose”…

We also discuss some of the other 70’s horror classics, what’s been entertaining us lately, and we announce what movies will be on our next Summer Double Feature Episode!

Won’t you join us?


Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – 1978


Audrey Rose – 1977

What is real? What is just an Illusion-ist? #72 will tell you all!

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Welcome HYSTOphiles! We’re back with #72, and it is truly an episode full of MAGIC! This time around we discuss Keith’s choice The Illusionist, the 2006 Neil Burger film that stars Edward Norton as a…magician, I guess?

Edward Norton makes Jessica Biel act! It’s so magical!

Now this is one that I just vaguely remember making its debut at the theaters, but I don’t remember what the initial reception was, so I’m very curious to see what it’s all about. Is it a Houdini story? Is he a children’s party kind of guy? Join us as I find out…

Children’s parties? Really?

Of course we also discuss what’s been entertaining us lately, and I announce what’s up for episode #73!

Won’t you join us?


The Illusionist – 2006

FLASH! AH-AHH! Flash Gordon’s in Episode #71!

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Flash Gordon – 1980

Hellooooooooo HYSTOphiles! It’s great to see you all, but I’m afraid I come bearing bad news: our planet Earth is under attack from some mysterious enemy from outer space!

Earth is in the crosshairs of…something

So the big question is this: who can save us pathetic Earthlings now? Yes! I mean, I think we all know who it is…it’s…SHAFT!

“No. I’m not in this movie.”

Okay, so the actual answer is…FLASH GORDON!

Yeah that’s definitely not SHAFT…

Yes! FLASH GORDON! Savior of the Universe! He’ll save every one of us! Or at least that’s what Freddie Mercury says…

I have this T-shirt, but I’ll never really WEAR it like Freddie did…

I have LOVED this movie since I saw it back in 1980. Everyone thought it was going to be another Star Wars..and it is so not Star Wars, I mean, it’s much, much more! More better costumes! More better sets! More better campiness! More better sexy! Oh yes! It’s so, so much more sexy than Star Wars ever could hope to be, I mean…

See what I mean? 

Boy am I excited about this one! It’s such a personal fave; I’m hoping Keith will like it as much as I do. Plus: we talk about what is keeping us entertained lately AND what film Keith has chosen for Episode #72! 

Won’t you join us?


Flash Gordon – 1980

Episode #70 is here with a Movie Quote Quiz and some “Very Bad Things”

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Hello HYSTOphiles! Welcome to our 70th Episode Celebration! We’ve got a fully-packed show for you this time around as we rank each other’s movies from the last ten episodes and I challenge Keith with a Movie Quote Quiz, but first we discuss Keith’s movie choice, 1998’s Peter Berg film Very Bad Things…

The cast of “Very Bad Things” before things get very bad…

Is it a comedy? Is it a thriller? Is it bigger than a breadbox? I don’t even know if I can answer that, but tune in to hear what we both thought about this movie and listen whether this was a torture or a treasure for me (’cause you know I’m not going to tell here)…

The cast of “Very Bad Things” after things start going very bad…

After that we continue celebrating by sharing with each other our rankings for each others last five movies (although we both cheat a little bit on how many we ranked). PLUS: I throw down the gauntlet to Keith with a Movie Quote Quiz. They’re all lines from movies that we have covered together, but will he remember them out of context? Check in to see how many (if any!) he gets correct.

Yeah. For these guys, “Very Bad Things” just keep on keepin’ on…

We also announce what my choice is for #71, and it’s one that I’m extra excited about. In fact, I’m shocked Keith has never viewed this one before! So join the party, ’cause we really want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Very Bad Things – 1998

Put on that little Gucci dress and join us for oh-so-spicy Episode #69!

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Welcome back, HYSTOphiles! It’s time for the episode you can turn upside down and still read! It’s number 69, and it’s muy caliente!

It’s my choice, and I’m treating Keith to that classic musical celebration of Girl Power, Spice World, starring the never-low-on-energy dynamos THE SPICE GIRLS!!! See them rehearse for their big live show at The Royal Albert Hall…

…apparently their choreographer is a real drill sergeant…

…and along the way see them get into all kinds of exciting adventures…they even run into some aliens!

Emma (Baby Spice) chats with, uh, is it one of the aliens? If it is then I wanna go to that planet, pronto…

You just know that Keith loved this one, right? No? You don’t think so? Well, I’m not going to tell…you’ll have to listen in to find out!

So get snug and cozy and tune in, ’cause we’re going to spice up your world, AND you’ll also hear what’s been entertaining us lately and what our plans are for our 70th episode!

Won’t you join us?


Spice World – 1998

Episode #68 is ALL TOM GREEN. (sorry)

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“Daddy, would you like some sausage?” Tom Green acts…

Hello HYSTO-philes! Welcome to Episode #68, where we discuss Keith’s choice Freddy Got Fingered, the 2001 Tom Green film that Mr. Green wrote, directed, and starred in…for better or worse…

Tom Green acting upset…

Keith had warned me that he was going to take off the gloves this time around…and boy did he deliver…

Tom Green acting happy…

So, on top of the griping (I mean, you KNOW I hated it…) we also talk about what’s been keeping us entertained lately (US! Jordan Peele is a mad genius!) and you get to hear about how I’m getting back at Keith next time around.

Won’t you join us?


Freddy Got Fingered – 2001

IT’S COMING! YOU’RE NEXT…to hear episode #67!

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Oh dear god! HYSTO is back!

Hello HYSTO-philes! We’re so happy you’re back! And you’re just in time for our first Invasion Of The Body Snatchers episode! This time around I’m sharing one of the most famous sci-fi/horror films in history, and it’s the first of THREE VERSIONS of this story that I’m going to have Keith watch…

If the pod sees its shadow there will be an ETERNITY OF HELL!!!

We also discuss what’s been entertaining us lately (I am OBSESSED with true crime documentaries lately…) and we announce what Keith’s choice will be next time around. (Hint: it may be the truest Cinema Torture we’ve ever featured on the show…)

Won’t you join us?


Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – 1956

Get Out Your Tissues, Folks, It’s Episode #64!

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The Boy In The Striped Pajamas – 2008

Hello Hystophiles! We’re back with Episode #64, and you’d warm up your tear ducts for this one because this time around we’re discussing the film The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, the 2008 directed by Mark Herman.

Can you tell which side is the concentration camp? Need a hint? “Pajamas”

It’s the story of boy whose family moves because his father has been reassigned by the miltary…to place called Auschwitz. (Actually they never call it that in the film, but it’s heavily implied…)

Yeah, this can’t end well…

Honestly, it’s a tough watch…but is it worth it? Listen in to find out! We also talk about what we’ve been doing and watching lately, and we announce what’s next for our Valentine Episode!

Oh, and by the way: Have You Seen This One?