#75 What About Bob? & Pink Flamingos aka Keith pops his John Waters cherry!

Grab a snack and join Edie at the party…

Hello folks! We’re back with #75, and you read that headline correctly! This is the episode where Keith gets exposed to John Waters in the best way possible! But first…

First we discuss Keith’s choice, the Frank Oz directed film What About Bob?, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus.

…and they REALLY had a great time working together…heh heh heh…

After that we tear into John Waters’ seminal film, 1974’s Pink Flamingos. I can’t tell you the joy I experienced while imagining Keith seeing this one-of-a-kind film for the first time! He’ll never forget it, but did he like it? You know how to find out!

We don’t want to force you to watch, but…

We also talk about what we’ve been watching (POSE, honey!), and we announce the next episode, which will be a TRIPLE FEATURE!

Won’t you join us? ‘Cause we really do want to know…



What About Bob? – 1991
Pink Flamingos – 1972

2 thoughts on “#75 What About Bob? & Pink Flamingos aka Keith pops his John Waters cherry!

  1. from 1998. They also share what’s entertaining them at the moment, they rank each other’s movie choices from the last ten episodes, AND Jay has a Movie Quote Quiz for Keith! Tune in to see how he does!

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