FLASH! AH-AHH! Flash Gordon’s in Episode #71!

Flash Gordon – 1980

Hellooooooooo HYSTOphiles! It’s great to see you all, but I’m afraid I come bearing bad news: our planet Earth is under attack from some mysterious enemy from outer space!

Earth is in the crosshairs of…something

So the big question is this: who can save us pathetic Earthlings now? Yes! I mean, I think we all know who it is…it’s…SHAFT!

“No. I’m not in this movie.”

Okay, so the actual answer is…FLASH GORDON!

Yeah that’s definitely not SHAFT…

Yes! FLASH GORDON! Savior of the Universe! He’ll save every one of us! Or at least that’s what Freddie Mercury says…

I have this T-shirt, but I’ll never really WEAR it like Freddie did…

I have LOVED this movie since I saw it back in 1980. Everyone thought it was going to be another Star Wars..and it is so not Star Wars, I mean, it’s much, much more! More better costumes! More better sets! More better campiness! More better sexy! Oh yes! It’s so, so much more sexy than Star Wars ever could hope to be, I mean…

See what I mean? 

Boy am I excited about this one! It’s such a personal fave; I’m hoping Keith will like it as much as I do. Plus: we talk about what is keeping us entertained lately AND what film Keith has chosen for Episode #72! 

Won’t you join us?


Flash Gordon – 1980

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