Episode #105 is full of “Needful Things”

It’s #105, HYSTOphiles, and we’re shopping for someĀ Needful Things, the 1993 film based on the hit novel by Stephen King, and starring Max Von Sydow.

Yep. The guy who played Ming in Flash Gordon is the bad buy again…

While I’ve heard of this film for years, I’ve never seen it before now, and the only way to hear what I thought (and what Keith thought all these years later) is to listen in!

…and Max knows how to get you to watch…

Of course we also discuss what’s been entertaining us lately, and I announce what movie is in store for #106 next time.

We hope you join our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Needful Things – 1993

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