#109 is our 5th Annual Very Special Halloween Special! Featuring special guest Erin Casteneda! Wait Until Dark & Terrifier!


Hello HYSTOphiles, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  It’s episode #109, and it’s our 5th Annual Very Special Halloween Special, with special guest and 70’s Horror Aficionado Erin Casteneda and a very special double-feature!

Our first feature is not necessarily Halloween-themed, but it certainly is full of suspense…it’s 1967’s Wait Until Dark, starring the amazing Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey! Audrey? Hmm. I guess she can’t see me…

Erin suggested this one, and I couldn’t agree quickly enough! I was sure that this would be the first movie Keith had ever seen Audrey Hepburn in, and I was right! What did he think? You know how to find out!

Next we went to Keith’s choice, which was much more Halloween- themed. We all enjoyed talking about 2016’s Terrifier, one of the most brutal slashers to come out in years…so of course we all loved it!



This one is definitely for Horror Hounds only, but it’s truly a movie a that brings Halloween to life…or death! We had a great time talking about it…

Everybody’s having a good time! Except Art the Clown…for now…

After that I treat Erin and Keith to a Pop Horror Movie Quiz…and I tell Keith about the cool movie we’ll be talking about next time with another special guest…and you’ll have to listen in to find out who it is!

We really hope you join us for this Halloween Movie Celebration, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One


Wait Until Dark – 1967


Terrifier – 2016

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