Episode #173 – 1927’s “Sunrise” – our first silent film!

Sunrise – 1927

Salutations, HYSTOphiles! Welcome to Episode #173, where I make Keith watch the 1927 silent classic Sunrise, starring George O’Brien and (one of my favorites) Janet Gaynor! (Janet Gaynor won the first ever Oscar for Best Actress in this role!)

Oh yes she did!

Along for the ride is filmmaker and friend of the podcast Knives Monroe! Knives has been with us from the start, and Keith and I were so glad he could join us to talk about our first movie we’ve ever covered with no dialogue!

No dialogue, but PLENTY of imagery!

Along the way we, as always, talk about what’s been entertaining us lately, and Keith let’s me know what movie I’ll be watching for our next episode (hint: it’s very quiet!)!

We really do hope you join our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Sunrise – 1927

Sunrise – 1927

Sunrise – 1927

Sunrise – 1927

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