It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Hello, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! It’s our third annual Very Special Halloween Special, and Keith and I had a blast celebrating the holiday with these cinematic treats!

First up is my choice, 2013’s The WNUF Halloween Special…

Tonight at 7!!!

The premise: someone recorded a live, local Halloween special back in 1987 in a supposedly haunted house. What ensues is a fantastic “deteriorated VHS” recording of what transpired that night, including the super-cheesy ads. I always make sure this is on my annual personal Halloween film festival list, and I was thrilled to hear what Keith thought about it.

Next up, well, pretty much every horror fan in the world has been waiting for the new Halloween (2018), starring the incredible Jamie Lee Curtis, so we discussed it LITERALLY MINUTES AFTER WE SAW IT! I swear: you can still smell the popcorn. This was Keith’s idea, and I was 100% on board! We had a great time discussing the film and some of the background on it. We did include some spoilers, but until the very end, and we warn you beforehand…

Spoiler: the characters Laurie and Michael are both in this one…

Before all this I talk about my new TV love The Haunting of Hill House, and then later we discuss our theme for the next two episodes!

Won’t you join us?


The WNUF Halloween Special – 2013


Halloween – 2018


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