Episode #180 – 1981’s The Last Shark, with guest Erin Casteneda!

Welcome, HYSTOphiles, to Episode #180! We are celebrating the summer with a movie whose story was stolen, uh, inspired by the classic film JAWS. It’s 1981’s The Last Shark!

Photo bomb!

Of course, since we are discussing a shark movie, we had to invite our good friend Erin Casteneda! Everyone knows that Erin is nuts about JAWS, so we just had to have her along for this ride!

And what a nutty ride it is!

Along the way we discuss what’s been entertaining us lately, and Keith let’s me know what movie is in store for me when we record Episode #181 (hint: it involves a shark…again…).

We hope you join us for our movie party, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


The Last Shark – 1981

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