Episode #5 is here, and it’s oh so “Divine!”

Episode #5 is here, in which we celebrate John Waters and Steven Seagal…sort of.  Paul and I had a blast discussing these movies: Paul said that his life will never be the same after watching Divine star in “Female Trouble” – you’ll have to listen to see whether that’s a good thing or not!  I weigh in on Paul’s choice “Under Siege” starring “action thespian” Steven Seagal.  Will I declare it a Treasure or Torture?  You can probably guess, but you’ll have to listen to be sure!  We also find out which Adam Sandler movie our listeners have picked for me to be tortured with: will it be Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison?  Listen to find out…plus hear what classic horror film I have chosen for Paul to endure for next time!

Happy listening!


Paul and Jay display their choices.
Paul and Jay display their choices.


Under Siege - 1992
Under Siege – 1992


Female Trouble - 1974
Female Trouble – 1974


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