Movies announced for Episode #6 – They’re “Evil,” and I’m not “Happy”…

So on Episode #5 we announced our movies for the next podcast…and it looks like it’s going to be both Happy and Evil.

I am making Paul watch the one-and-only original horror classic “The Evil Dead” from 1981, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce “The Chin” Campbell.  This movie has so many iconic moments…that Paul will probably not see because he’ll be so skeeved out…which he totally deserves because he let you all vote on which (god help me) Adam Sandler movie to torture me with, and the one that you all voted for was “Happy Gilmore” from 1996.  I don’t blame you all: all the blame is on Paul for this one.  I mean, I just recovered from having to watch a Steven Seagal movie…and now this?  All I can say is let’s how he likes dealing with the Deadites in Evil Dead: he’ll be “DEAD BY DAWN” for sure.  Watch for Episode #6 in a couple of weeks!

Here’s where to watch:

“The Evil Dead” 1981

Available to watch for free on YouTube right here:

“Happy Gilmore” is not available for free (as far as I can tell), but you can rent it for $2.99 on YouTube here:

Happy watching!



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