HYSTO? #18 will deathinately be a deathisode to remember!

Hello HYSTO-philes! Paul and I are really excited about the next episode, in fact you could say that we’re excited TO DEATH!

“You’ll pay for that pun, punk…”

How deathly is this episode? For my assignment Paul has chosen 1974’s Death Wish starring the ever-so-emotional Charles Bronson.  My pick is also from the 70’s, 1975 to be exact: the “B” movie classic Death Race 2000, starring David Carridine and a pre-Rocky Sly Stallone.

“Yo, Adrian! Say hello to my little friend!”

So please join us next week for HYSTO? #18, when we DEATH-inately are going to give these two 70’sploitation flicks the respect (or the shade) they deserve!

See you then!


Death Wish – 1974
Death Race 2000 – 1975










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