In Episode #48 we talk “KIDS” & “Humanoids”

“Hello! So nice to see you…MANOIDS!”

Hello HYSTO-philes! We’re a little late this time around, but we made it! #48 is here, and once again we have two movies that couldn’t be more different…

I’m first this time around, and my choice for Paul is “Humanoids From The Deep,” a Roger Corman masterpiece. It has quite a backstage-story that we discuss at length…

Aw! Humanoids From The Deep are so cute!

After I skeeve Paul out (AND bring out the Dead Dog Report…sigh), We discuss Paul’s terribly disturbing choice, “KIDS.” This may be the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. No. Really. I “kid” you not…

“Hi! I’m one of the most despicable movie characters ever portrayed on screen. Know any virgins?”

Of course, before all this we discuss what’s been entertaining us lately, and we also announce our movie picks for #49. We’re getting close to our two-year anniversary!

Won’t you join us?


Humanoids From The Deep – 1980


KIDS – 1995

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