Episode #118 goes Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls!

Greetings, HYSTOphiles! Welcome to Episode #118, and welcome to Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls!

Meet Pet, Kelly, and Casey -The Carrie Nations!

Yes, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls – the 1970 Russ Meyer film that was co-written by none other than Roger Ebert!

Russ Meyer & Roger Ebert – The Dream Team

Ever since we started this podcast I have been dying to make Keith and Paul Kastava watch this epic! (Did I mention that our buddy Paul Kastava¬†was joining us? It just seemed right since I made him watch The Valley Of Dolls way back…) Their reactions were priceless…

Yep. That’s pretty spot on…

We also discuss what’s been entertaining us lately, AND Austin legend Mr. Owen Egerton shares his¬†Top 5 Movies Of All Time! We hope you join us for this movie party because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls – 1970


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