Episode #129 celebrates our 5th Anniversary! Higher Learning & Amèlie!

Greetings HYSTOphiles, and welcome to our 5th Anniversary Celebration! Helping us celebrate is our good friend (and our good luck charm) Kellie Arnold! Keith and I, once again, have chosen two movies that couldn’t be more different from each other.

First up is Keith’s choice: the John Singleton film Higher Learning, from 1995. This movie stars so many people that are famous now…it’s insane!

Laurence Fishburne, Omar Epps, and Ice Cube are just the tip of the “ice” berg…ha ha…

My choice is the 2001 French masterpiece Amèlie. Kellie is joining us because this is her absolute favorite movie of all time!

Starring the unbelievably charming Audrey Tautou…

Of course we also talk about what has been entertaining us lately, then Keith and Kellie and I talk about what we think are the best and worst movies that we have covered over the last five years!

We hope you join us for our 5th Anniversary celebration, because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


Higher Learning – 1995


Amèlie – 2001

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