#130 is full of REVENGE! “For Love Of The Game” & “Zaat”…CINEMA TORTURE IS BACK!

Who’s Zaat?

Welcome to HYSTO? Episode #130! This time around Keith and I are the victims, while our good friends Shawna West and Paul Kastava get their Cinematic Revenge! Yes, they have each chosen a movie that they are SURE is going to torture us both!

First up is Paul’s choice, the Kevin Costner baseball flick from 1999, For Love Of The Game.

I mean, Kevin Costner in a baseball movie? Really? Who would have thought?!?!

Paul knows that the easiest way to torture me is to make watch a sports-themed movie, but will this movie equally cause sports-fan Keith anguish? We’ll see…

After that, we tackle Shawna’s pick, the 1971 creature feature extraordinaire, Blood Waters Of Dr. Z, aka Legend of the Zaat Monster, aka Hydra, aka Attack Of The Swamp Creatures, aka ZAAT!

What’s Zaat?

As you can tell by the above photos of Zaat, the filmmakers spared no expense when filming this magical monster movie. I assure you that every bit of that $1.98 is up on that screen!

Naturally we all share what has been entertaining us lately, and Keith announces what movie he has in store for me for episode #131…AFTER Keith and I place our votes for which film was the most torturous on this episode.

We really had a lot fun recording this one, and we really do hope you join our movie party because we really do want to know…

Have You Seen This One?


For Love Of The Game – 1999
Zaat – 1971
aka Blood Waters Of Dr. Z – 1971
aka Hydra – 1971

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