Titles announced for Episode 3! “No Escape” & “Lady Terminator”…ACTION EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Hello friends!  If you listened to Episode 2 already, you know that Paul (still bruised from watching “Sleepaway Camp”) has assigned me “No Escape” from 1994, starring Ray Liotta (love him!), and I have tasked Paul with “Lady Terminator,” the 1989 Indonesian ripoff masterpiece!  Please join us so we have witnesses that can see what kind of hell we have thrust upon each other…



lady terminator dvd coverno_escape_poster_01

Episode 2: “The Warriors” & “Sleepaway Camp” now ready for your discerning ears to tear apart!

It’s here!  Episode 2 is now online…please check it out!  Paul and I discuss his choice, “The Warriors”, and I am actually able to tell him a couple of things he didn’t know about the movie (including how Ronald Reagan LOVED this picture!).  We also discuss the seminal horror film “Sleepaway Camp”, which was SO exciting for me: horror fans know how much fun it is to find someone who has never seen this film before…TOP 10 BEST HORROR FILM ENDINGS EVER!!! (maybe even top 5!)

Please give us a listen…then give us a shout and let us know what you think!

Thanks for listening!


Movies announced for episode #2!

If you have already listened to episode #1, you know that Paul has chosen the 1979 classic (can’t believe I haven’t seen it) “The Warriors” and I picked “Sleepaway Camp”, the historic slasher (and if you’ve seen it you know why) from 1983.  Paul is positive I’m going to “skeev” him out at some point…will this be the film that makes him puke?  Will it be too much horror for him to take?  And what about me: will I be amazed by Paul’s choice, or will I curse the day he was born because he made me watch it?  Please join us to find out!

It’s here! Episode 1 has posted…

Hey everyone!  Episode 1 is finally here, and it’s ready for listening!  Please join us for our very first HYSTO? podcast, and meet me and my good friend, Paul, as we thrill/torture each other with the best/worst that cinema has to offer, and you’ll find out what movies we make each other watch next!

HYSTO? Episode 1: “Survive Style 5+” and “Dirty Work”



By the way…Have You Seen This One?


Episode #1 movies announcement!

We are pleased (we think) to announce the movies for our first episode!

I (Jay) have chosen the film “Survive Style 5+”

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0430651/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 for Paul to watch.

Paul has chosen the Norm MacDonald vehicle “Dirty Work”

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120654/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 for me to watch.

Please stay tuned: keep watching for the premiere date of our first podcast!

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See you all soon!



Survive Style 5+  – at this writing available on DVD, also available for free on YouTube:


Dirty Work – at this writing available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and for sale or rent on YouTube.







Welcome to “Have You Seen This One?” The Podcast!

“Have You Seen This One?” is a podcast.  The show is hosted by me, Jay Bullington, and Paul Kastava, my friend and fellow human being.  Neither one of us have any credentials that in any way make us qualified to host a show about movies.  We are going to do it anyway.

Here are the simple criteria for this podcast:

One person has to have never seen “The Title In Question” before.  (“Heard of it” is okay)

Hosts/Guests will NOT discuss “The Title In Question” before the podcast, even if they end up watching the movie together (actually, we will probably end up fudging on that one…).  

“The Title In Question” must be available for viewing by the listening audience…even if it’s an old home video of a worn-out VHS version that someone has uploaded to YouTube.

Also: we reserve the right to completely ignore these criteria if we feel like it.  Nanny nanny boo boo.

We hope to announce our first episode soon, so stay tuned and, oh yeah: Have You Seen This One?